A source of food-related posts that include all sorts of practical recipes; useful articles on how-to-cook methods concerning different groups and types of ingredients; accurate measuring guides for liquid and dry products; reviews of products and kitchen equipment (in the near future). I made sure that FREEFOODTIPS would be helpful not only for aspiring cooks who are looking for the easiest way to get dinner on the table on busy days, but also it would be interesting for a skilled food nerd.

I am a strong believer that while you need to have a very serious approach to working in the kitchen, you are required to have an open mind for experimentation. Cooking is a fun and very interesting process, once you master all the basics. FREEFOODTIPS was created for this exact purpose.

All the recipes posted on FREEFOODTIPS are thoroughly selected. If I am not certain for sure that it is the tastiest version of the dish, it will not appear on the site. You can be certain that only the best recipes make the final cut. FREEFOODTIPS is not dedicated to one particular cuisine but is a, so-called, mash-up of traditional classic recipes from different countries and recipes that are inspired by cuisines all over the world.

My main goal is to share with you affordable and easy to make recipes that you can easily recreate at home and enjoy together with your family. Ingredients used in the recipes, in most cases, will be whole and fresh. I am not against package ingredients (for example, canned products, store bought broths, etc), they are a great way to cooking time and make the whole process of preparing meals easier. However, unfortunately it will be harder for you to control the amount of sugar, salt and artificial additives that you consume throughout the day.

On FREEFOODTIPS, you will find in depth explanations on how to cook different products, side dishes and garnishes, which include all sorts of grains, various vegetables and fruits, different types of meat and fish. This types of posts will have information on how long do you need to cook these products, all the tips and tricks on cooking using different types of kitchen utensils and how the way you cook a product can influences the final dish.

I also singled out one of the most important tricks you can acquire into a completely separate category. The whole section is dedicated to how you can measure out ingredients for any recipe using your ordinary cups and spoons. These calculations (for several types of cups, tablespoons and teaspoons) can come in handy when you have no scales to use in your kitchen.

Be ready to get posts with detailed reviews of cooking equipment. I will share with you my own thoughts and recommendations on the matter, that, I hope, you will find trustworthy enough.

I am so pleased that I get such a perfect chance to share my passion with you here. Food is a very fun topic and I hope that it will keep you engaged. I am always open to suggestions and will be constantly updating posts with new tricks and techniques if they require any improvements.

Julia, FreeFoodTips.

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