Like other food products, ginger has a certain shelf life. Fresh ginger root can be stored for several weeks on the counter or in the fridge. But what do you do if you want to save it and enjoy its benefits for a longer time? The answer is easy. You can freeze it like any other product. Freezing is the easiest and safest way to preserve any product. And it, for sure, can be used for storing ginger for a longer time.

Freezing is a great way to store ginger because after defrosting, the aroma, taste, and the whole range of nutrients will be still preserved in it. You can freeze ginger in different ways: whole, grated, or cut into slices. Depending on what recipes you are going to make later, choose the method that suits your needs the best.

The easiest way to freeze ginger

To freeze fresh ginger root, you only need a few things you have in the kitchen: fresh ginger root, knife, grater or a blender/food-processor, freeze-safe bag or container, and, of course, marker. Buy the freshest ginger root you can find in the store or on the market. Make sure that ginger pieces are hard, not wrinkled, and flavorful. These will give you the best result.

The easiest way is to freeze ginger whole. Make sure that the piece is clean with no visible damages. I never peel ginger no for freezing, no for using fresh. Close it tight in a zip-lock bag, write the date on the surface of the bag (you can also add its weight if necessary), and put ginger into the freezer.

To use frozen ginger, simply remove it from the freezer and grate as much as you need. There is no need to defrost it. Frozen ginger is easier to grate than fresh ginger because the outer layer is harder and fibers of ginger do not stick as much as fresh.

How to make ginger paste


However, instead of freezing ginger whole, I like to make Ginger Paste. It is easier for me to spend more time making ginger paste beforehand, than spending some extra time before making the recipe itself. So, let’s see how to make a ginger paste at home and freeze it.

Take fresh ginger; rinse it under running water, make sure to remove all the dirt. Pat it dry with a paper towel or leave it on the counter and let it dry. Now, cut ginger into slices and blend them using any available kitchen appliance. You can transfer ground ginger into any storage container of your choice. I use silicon trays for ice cubes. I fill every cube of the tray with one tablespoon of grated/ground ginger. When they freeze, I transfer cubes into a zip-lock bag. You can also spread ground ginger in a thin layer in a zip-lock bag so that it will be easier to break it when necessary. Add ginger to the dish without thawing. Enjoy!

You can store frozen ginger no more than for 4 months in the freezer.

Let me know how it went if you tried my method of storing ginger in the freezer! I hope that information in my post was helpful and you found what you have been looking for. As always, I would highly appreciate it if you rated the recipe!

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