Here is the list of most popular liqueurs with their alcohol by volume (ABV) content. Before getting to the main point of the article, I want to make sure that you here for the information that you need and know the difference between liquors and liqueurs. As all the information here will be focused on alcohol content in liqueurs, sweetened and flavored form of liquor. If you`ve been looking for an alcohol percentage content of a certain liqueur, then keep reading.

Classification of liqueurs

You can classify liqueurs in several ways. First, you can divide into groups by the variety of flavors: chocolate, cream, fruits, herbs, nut-flavored liqueurs, etc. On the other hand, you can use spirit to sugar ratio to divide liqueurs into the following three groups:

  • Strong liqueurs have 35-45% of spirit and 25-30% of sugar added.
  • Dessert liqueurs where the level of spirit is about 25-30% and sugar is also about the amount (25-30%).
  • Crème liqueurs. This type has a great deal of extra sugar added from 50% to 60% and only 15%-23% of spirit (Crème liqueur is not Cream Liqueur, which has dairy cream as an ingredient).

Several factors may affect the ratio of spirit to sugar: liqueurs recipe (each one has its unique combination of ingredients) and the method at which all the ingredients are arranged (manufacturers are guarding this information very tight).

A guide to ABV in most popular liqueurs

Let`s have a look at the list of most commonly used liqueurs with their level of alcohol content. These drinks are consumed not only neat but can be enjoyed with ice, as an ingredient for cocktails and, of course, delicious and flavorful boozy desserts:

  • Amaretto. Alcohol content of amaretto varies from 21% to 28% depending on the brand. This Italian liqueur is essential for making desserts and certain types of sauces, as it compliments a variety of flavors: chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream or any dish that has almonds in it. Its distinct taste is derived from fruit kernels (apricots, peaches, cherries) and, of course, almonds.
  • Advocaat or advocatenborrel. This delicate Dutch liquor, made with brandy, sugar and egg yolks, has 15% alcohol content. Goes perfectly with desserts that have whipped cream and coffee flavor. Talking about coffee, in some European countries a shot of Advocaat is served as a coffee accompaniment.
  • Benedictine. This herbal unusual liqueur came from France. There is no point in trying to name all the ingredients, which are responsible for its flavor as there are twenty-seven of them (different types of spices, flowers, roots, berries and herbs) and its recipe is a guarded secret. Benedectine liqueur has 40% alcohol content.
  • Baileys. This Irish cream liqueur has an alcohol percentage of 17%. This beverage is famous for its unique combination of cream and cocoa flavors. Cheesecakes, truffles, tarts, ice cream and chocolate desserts will only benefit if you use Baileys.
  • Chartreuse. There are two main types of this liqueur: Green Chartreuse has 55% alcohol of volume and Yellow Chartreuse has a lower alcohol content of 40%. No other liqueurs` taste can be compared to Chartreuse due to its unique recipe in which 130 types of herbs, flowers and plants are combined.
  • Cointreau. This colorless French liqueur has an alcohol percentage content of 40% and can be served neat, on ice and in cocktails.
  • Curacao. Various manufacturers produce Blue Curaçao which is why there is a big variation in alcohol content from 15% to 40%.  A citrus fruit, laraha, is responsible for its distinct bitter orange taste and its coloring, maybe I will disappoint you, is artificial.
  • Frangelico. This liqueur is produced with 28% alcohol by volume and has its distinct nutty taste, which is enhanced with cocoa and vanilla flavors. In desserts goes perfectly with coffee and chocolate tastes.
  • Galliano. If you have Galliano Vanilla then its alcohol content is 30% and alcohol content of Original Galliano is 42.3%. This sweet herbal-based liqueur has a pronounced anise flavor with delicate citrus and herbal undertones.
  • Grand Marnier. Grand Marnier has 40% of alcohol. Best served both as a neat drink and in mixed drinks. You even can add it in desserts to get an extra orange flavor.
  • Drambuie. This beverage is a “forgotten” honey-based liqueur with 40% of alcohol content. Best enjoyed in cocktails due to its herbal and spicy undertones.
  • Jagermeister. To get its unique flavor, a German manufacturer of this liqueur uses 56 different types of herbs, roots, fruits and spices. Best used for cocktails. Alcohol content (ABV) is 35%.
  • Kahlua. This delicious Mexican liqueur has six types of flavor. One of them, with a distinct dark espresso note (Kahlua Especial) has an alcohol by volume of 35%, and the other five – 20% of alcohol content. It is a unique drink, as you can have it neat, on ice and, of course, in cocktails. Moreover, try adding it to desserts (toppings, ice cream, etc.).
  • Limoncello. In the case of this Italian lemon liqueur, there is no chance to get a certain number, as there are many manufacturers, even you can make it at home. An average alcohol content for Limoncello liqueur is between 25% and 30%. With the help of the liqueur, you can make a variety of desserts and cocktails.
  • Malibu. This popular rum-based liqueur with coconut flavor has 21% alcohol content. At the moment, it has 4 different types, including Original, Lime, Passion Fruit and Pine Apple, which have the same alcohol by volume. The number of cocktails with this liqueur is endless and everyone can find something to their taste. It can be used in desserts (just try baking a rum cake with it).
  • Mandarine Napoleon. This unusual liqueur has 40% alcohol content. Its taste is derived from 30 types of herbs, spices and fruits with the main key ingredient being mandarin orange peel.
  • Maraschino. This Croatian colorless liqueur has 32% of alcohol content. Its distinct flavor is derived from marasca cherries and can be served not only as a drink but can also be used as a flavor enhancer for ice creams and creams in desserts.
  • Mozart Liqueurs. This manufacturer has four types of chocolate liqueur, whose alcohol of volume varies from 15% to 17%. As every chocolate liqueur, Mozart can be consumed neat, used for making cocktails and, of course, desserts.
  • Sambuca. Sambuca is a quite strong liqueur; its alcohol by volume content starts from 38%. The original anise-based Sambuca is colorless, and elderflower, licorice oils can be used alongside anise for flavoring.
  • Sheridan’s alcohol by volume is only 17%. It is most known for its one-of-a-kind bottle, which is divided into two sections: one contains liqueur with the blend of Irish whiskey and coffee; the second part has liqueur with creamy chocolaty flavor.
  • XUXU. What do you get combining vodka and strawberry with a touch of lime? This extraordinary German liqueur has 15% of alcohol content. P.S. It has no extra-added sugar, only the one that is extracted from the fruit in the process of making. If you fancy a delicious dessert with a strawberry flavor, you even can find some good recipes on XUXU official web site.

Liqueur can be a very important ingredient for a variety of reasons. However, the main reason being its unique taste, which adds extra depth and complexity to the flavor of your dessert or drink. I hope that this article was helpful and you found the information that you were looking for.

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A guide to ABV in most popular liqueurs

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