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I am so happy that I get to share this recipe with you. My mom used to call them syrniki, as it is a staple meal of Slavonic cuisine. I came across such terms as curd fritters, cottage cheese pancakes and even cheesecakes. Yeah, I see how you can get confused; they are not very similar to classic pancakes as the proportions of cheese and flour are different.

As for me, no matter how you call it, you won’t find more delicious dessert cooked with cottage (farmers) cheese. The recipe I will be using tonight is Classic Syrniki Recipe without using any semolina, baking soda and any fillings. It is 4 ingredients cheese pancakes recipe that will take you 15-20 minutes to make. Just try them with condensed milk, sour cream or Nutella. Believe me; you will be impressed!

Ingredients for Curd Fritters:

Ingredients for Russian Syrniki

  • 600 g farmers (cottage) cheese;
  • 5 tbsps. all-purpose flour;
  • 5 tbsps. sugar;
  • 1 egg;
  • 100 ml oil for frying.

How to make syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes) at home:

  • You can use both farmers cheese or cottage cheese. If you have cottage cheese, simply mix it with sugar and an egg with the help of spatula or a spoon. But if you have farmers cheese, like I did. You will have to use blender for mixing, I have chosen universal cutter for this purpose. It will blend granulated cheese into one smooth texture.

Step_1 How to make cheese pancakes at home

  • Stir in flour and mix in thoroughly. You should get the consistency of the dough, not the batter, thick but soft at the same time.

Step_2 How to make cheese pancakes at home

  • I used a tablespoon to take scoops of the cheese mixture and place them in the flour. Nicely dredge every scoop and then get rid of the excess flour by tossing the pancake from one hand to another. Form cheese pancakes in the size and shape you would like. I just form the ball, place it on the surface and press in the center to get it flat.

Step_3 How to make cheese pancakes at home

  • Heat the pan with several tablespoons of oil in it over the medium-high heat. Keep adding oil after every bunch of cheese pancakes. So, I try to mold them in advance. It is easier for me this way. Cook cottage cheese patties for 5 minutes on each side or until golden brown. If you cover your pan with a lead while cooking pancakes they will get fluffier and thicker as a result.

Step_4 How to make cheese pancakes at home

  • Transfer cheese pancakes to a paper towel first. You will get rid of the oil that covers them. Serve with your favorite type of topping, fruit or berry. Better served warm. Bon appetite!

Cottage cheese fritters for breakfast

Only with a few ingredients and 15 minutes of your spare time, you can make a perfect dessert for your family breakfast. You will be thanking me for discovering this recipe once you tried it. Just follow step-by-step my guidelines and you will have fluffy cottage cheese pancakes. If you have any trick that can help to make the best cheese pancakes, share with all of us. Leave all your suggestions and, of course, questions (if you have any) in the comment section below.

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