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This salad is as simple as it the salad can ever be! Only two vegetables, green onion and fresh herb for flavors, sprinkle of salt and pepper. Really! That is it! It is perfect! It is simple! But the most important thing that it is really delicious!  I try to use healthy dressings for my salads. This time I chose sour cream for its creamy texture. You can have it with olive oil, add your favorite herbs. It goes perfect with meat and any garnish. This salad is fresh and crunchy. What else do I have to say to convince you?

Ingredients for Creamy Radish Cucumber Salad:

Ingrediets for Cucumber Salad with Radish

  • 200 g radish;
  • 200 g fresh cucumber;
  • 100 g sour cream or Greek yogurt;
  • 30 g green onion, chopped;
  • 20 g fresh dill, choppped;
  • freshly ground black pepper, salt.

How to make radish salad with cucumber:

  • The key to a delicious salad is fresh vegetables. Always try to pick out dense and crispy cucumbers; radish should be not so firm. Thoroughly wash all the ingredients under running water. Damp veggies with paper towel, let onion and dill get dry too before chopping.

Step_1 How to make creamy radish salad with cucumber

  • Slice the vegetables. There is no strict rules to follow. You can slice them they you want them in your salad. I always leave cucumber and radish skin on. It adds vivid color to the salad and in a way makes it more delicious. Believe it or not!

Step_2 How to make creamy radish salad with cucumber

Step_3 How to make creamy radish salad with cucumber

  • Take a large salad bowl and combine vegetables with chopped onion and fresh dill. Sprinkle with black pepper and add a pinch of salt. The next step would be to add sour cream/Greek yogurt. Stir the salad for all the ingredients to be covered in the dressing.

Step_4 How to make creamy radish salad with cucumber

  • Do this just before serving the salad, as sour cream will make cucumber release the juice. I add sour cream, place the salad with dressing for 5 minutes into the fridge for all the flavors to be intermixed and serve it once.

Enjoy your meal!

Cucumber Radish Salad Recipe

You know that you can’t go wrong with fresh vegetables. This salad is a perfect example! I hope that you liked this recipe and you will be trying it at home.  If you have any questions, please, leave them in the comment section below. I am always ready to help. Share this recipe with your friends!

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