Learn how you can measure out necessary amount of caviar to serve at your dinner table using only spoons. If you decided to make some appetizers and canapes for the party using this exquisite delicacy than this post is for you. I will try to give detailed calculations on how much caviar fits into a tablespoon and a teaspoon both for ounces and grams. You will learn how using this information you can have the exact amount of caviar that you need for the recipe. In addition, you get a list of most commonly used grams of caviar calculated in spoons.  


How much is a tablespoon of caviar?

16 grams of caviar fit into one metric tablespoon.

How much is a teaspoon of caviar?

5 grams of caviar fit into one teaspoon.


How much is a tablespoon of caviar?

0.57 oz. of caviar fit into one metric tablespoon.

How much is a teaspoon of caviar?

0.19 oz. of caviar fit into one teaspoon.

Let`s see how you can calculate most common amounts of caviar in spoons:

  • 100 g of caviar = 6 ¼ tablespoons of caviar or 20 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 90 g of caviar = 5 2/3 tablespoons of caviar or 18 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 80 g of caviar = 5 tablespoons of caviar or 16 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 70 g of caviar = 4 1/3 tablespoons of caviar or 14 teaspoons full of caviar.
  • 60 g of caviar = 3 ¾ tablespoons of caviar or 12 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 50 g of caviar = about 3 tablespoons of caviar or 10 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 40 g of caviar = 2.5 tablespoons of caviar or 8 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 30 g of caviar = about 2 tablespoons of caviar or 6 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 25 g of caviar = about 1.5 tablespoons of caviar or 5 teaspoons of caviar.
  • 20 g of caviar = 1 ¼ tablespoon of caviar or 4 teaspoons of caviar.

How many calories are in a spoon of caviar?

One teaspoon of caviar contains 14 calories.

One tablespoon of caviar contains 43 calories.

Per average 100 grams of caviar have 264 calories (the number depends on the type of fish that was used).

How much is a serving of caviar?

That is a tricky question. As there are only suggestions on the matter but not strict rules to follow. Only you as a host and your guests can decide how much caviar you are going to consume. Here are some guidelines for you to follow. First, we need to figure out how caviar will be served at your table.

For canapes, use ¼ teaspoon of caviar to top appetizers of your choice. So, let’s do the calculations: you get 20 servings per 1 ounce of caviar (around 30 grams). From 2-ounce jar (60 g jar), you will get caviar for 40 pieces of canapes. If you want to make the taste of caviar more distinct then use ½ of a teaspoon for a canape. Then from 2-ounce jar (60 g of caviar), you will get 20 canapes.

If you serve caviar by itself, then consider that your starting point is ½ ounce per person or 15 grams of caviar per person (1 tablespoon of caviar or 3 teaspoons of caviar). Therefore, 2-ounce jar can be served for 4 people.

Hope that the article was helpful and you will share it with someone who you think might benefit. If you have any recommendations on a product or an ingredient that I should measure out in spoons/cups next, please, leave a comment below.

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