You can be wondering why you have such a detailed article for just boiling potato. Well, as any cooking experience it has its own rules and peculiarities. Whether you need to use boiled potato as an ingredient for a salad or just simple and at the same time delicious side dish, these tips will help you to cook the beast boiled potatoes with skin on. We will teach you all the tricks that can help you to prepare whole potatoes on the stove, how you can cook whole unskinned potatoes in a cooker or even you will learn a recipe for whole potatoes in the microwave.

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How long do you boil whole potatoes?

When you cook potatoes, you do not want to overcook them (except if you are boiling it for mashed potatoes) and at the same time peeled off easily. Boiling time for whole unskinned potatoes depends on the way you decided to cook it, here is a list:

  • How long do you boil potatoes with the skin on? If you want to use potato as a garnish, boil it in a pan for 20 minutes, if you have potatoes boiled for a salad – set the timer for 15-18 minutes for small to medium sized potatoes. If you have large potatoes let them boil for additional 10 minutes. You can always check for their readiness.
  • How long do you boil whole unskinned potatoes in a cooker? It will take you 25-30 minutes to get whole potatoes boiled in a rice cooker/multi-cooker.
  • How long do you cook whole unskinned potatoes in the microwave? You need to microwave whole unskinned potatoes for 10 minutes.

How to boil whole potatoes on the stove?


If it is old, it does not mean that it is bad. This method of cooking whole potatoes is as old as the time. You can’t find more classic recipe than this one. Here is step-by-step guide how you can cook whole potatoes in the boiling water.

Boiled Whole Potatoes Recipe:

Ingredients for the recipe: 4 whole potatoes, unskinned; salt to taste; water for boiling. Type: Side dish/Ingredient Cuisine: International Calories: 79 kcal Yield: 2 servings Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 25 min Ready in 30 min

  • Clean thoroughly potatoes: rinse them under running water, scrub them clean. You do not want to skip this step.
  • Now take a pot or a large saucepan, place cleaned potatoes in it and pour cold water to cover the whole potatoes. Add salt (1 teaspoon for 1 liter of water): stir salt in the water until it dissolves.

When do you add salt while boiling potatoes? You need to add salt at this first step, when you have potatoes in cold water.

Do you need to put salt in water for cooking potatoes? Yes, you need to add salt before boiling potatoes. This will help to season potatoes from the inside, as they will be cooking gradually and evenly while water boils. Salt also helps to keep skin intact while cooking.

  • Set the pot over high heat and let the water boil. When water boils lower the heat down for water to simmer. If you want your potatoes cooked mushy, then cover the pot with a lid; if not, then cook potatoes without covering. As we told you, earlier small potatoes will be ready earlier than larger potatoes. You can start checking whole potatoes after 15 minutes of cooking: take a fork, knife or a skewer and poke potatoes. If you can pierce right through then boiled potatoes are ready.
  • When potatoes are cooked, take them out with tongs or a just spoon and let them cool down. If you have time, let them cool down by themselves. To make cooling process quicker, leave them in a bowl with iced water or simply run them under cold water.

If you have a choice to peel or not to peel, please we strongly advise you to boil potatoes unskinned, as all the nutrients are kept inside a potato while cooking in such a way. Moreover, if you do not mind, eat potatoes together with skin, as they will be good for your health.

How to boil potatoes to peel them easily? Here is a tip for an easy way to peel potatoes. After boiling, put them at once into cold water to cool down.

How long to boil whole potatoes for a potato salad? You need to boil potatoes for 15-17 minutes to make salads with them. Before cutting potatoes into cubes or slices, do not forget to cool it down. You can burn yourself.

Here is a compilation of my favorite salads where you use boiled potatoes with skin on as an ingredient:

How do you cook whole potatoes in a cooker?


If you have no time or resources to watch over cooking potatoes on the stove, you can use any cooker you have (rice cooker or multi-cooker) to make perfect boiled potatoes. Here is a simple recipe to follow:

  • Always clean potatoes’ skin thoroughly, as it can turn out you will eat potato with its skin on in the end.
  • Place cleaned potatoes in a cooker, and then fill it with cold water to cover whole potatoes. Add salt (1 teaspoon of salt for 1 liter of water).
  • Close the lead and set the timer for 25-30 minutes.
  • Do not keep cooked potatoes for additional time in a cooker on a setting “WARM” you can overcook it and make it mushy. Before serving take carefully out of the cooker and let it cool down for several minutes.

How to make whole potatoes in the microwave?

In this recipe, we will explain how you can cook whole unskinned potatoes in the microwave. It is, for sure, the easiest, quickest way in which you can cook potatoes. The first tip will be no to take large potatoes; take smaller ones, as it will be easier to cook them through. Here is how you can microwave potatoes:

  • The first step will be to scrub potatoes thoroughly, clean them in the water and then dry potatoes with paper towels.
  • Make some holes in the skin of the potato with the help of fork.
  • Place potatoes in a microwave safe dish.
  • Set the microwave to 600-watt and microwave potatoes for 5-10 minutes. Time depend on the microwave itself and the size of the potato. First cook for 5 minutes, check the potato for readiness, if not, continue microwaving by adding 2 minutes every time.
  • Let potato to cool down for several minutes before serving.

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If you liked our recipes, please share with your friends! As you see, there always are some special details that you need to pay attention to while cooking, in this case boiling potatoes. If you have any good tips or advises, leave them in the comment section below.

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