You rarely can find a meal that every food lover can appreciate. It should not be a surprise for you that one of such dishes is “Vegetable Roast”. And the reason is very simple. Everybody can customize the recipe of roasted veggies to their taste. As you can choose ingredients from all the variety of vegetables and adjust them to your personal diet.

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Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or you follow keto or paleo diet, whether you have any food allergies or intolerances, you still can make vegetable roast work for you and your family. Besides, you won`t find any other more cost efficient recipe, just pick all the seasonal veggies at your garden or nearby farmers market.

But now you are wondering how long and at what temperature do you roast vegetables. For example, you have sweet potatoes, eggplant, red bell pepper and onion to cook in the oven. How long do you roast potato wedges? At what temperature do you roast eggplant with bell pepper? Do not panic, I have a solution.

Let’s consider that there are several things that affect the roasting process of a vegetable. As the time and temperature for various vegetables is different. The first thing to consider is the type or even model of oven you have. All my calculations were made with conventional oven in mind. I also should mention that the oven should be preheated when you place baking tray with vegetables in there. The type of vegetable is a huge indicator. For example, root vegetables (beets, carrots, potatoes) take longer time for cooking than softer vegetables like crucifers or tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. The size of the whole vegetable or its pieces (if you have it cut or sliced), is another factor. Moreover, your taste and preferences in taste. I mean the way that you like your roasted vegetables. Whether you want to have them fully cooked through, with nice crispy crust or caramelized.

Every time you roast vegetables is a unique experience that is why it is so convenient to have this roasting time chart for you. Whether you are roasting just one type of vegetable or a bunch, you have vegetables whole, cubed or halved in the roast, now you can check at what temperature and for what time you should cook veggies roast using this oven-roasting chart.

This post was one of the hardest and time consuming to make. I tried to gather all the information from different source, check it, compare to my own cooking experience and somehow incorporate all the data together. As a result, I present to you this roasting time and temperature chart for vegetables.

Vegetables Roasting Time and Temperature Chart

VegetableRoasting temp. °СRoasting temp. °FRoasting time
Asparagus220 °С425 °F15-20 min
Green beans220 °С425 °F15-20 min
Okra220 °С425 °F15 min
Crucifers220 °С425 °Fabout 20 min
Brussel sprouts190-200 °С375-400 °F15-20 min
Broccoli180 °С350 °F25 min
Cauliflower200 °С400 °F20-30 min
Cabbage, wedges220 °С425 °F30-40 min
Fennel220 °С425 °F20-30 min
Root vegetables, cubed180-220 °С350-425 °F20-35 min
Sweet potato sticks220 °С425 °F20-25 min
Potato, diced200 °С400 °F25-30 min
Jacket Potatoes180 °С350 °F45 min
New potatoes200 °С400 °F30-40 min
Beets, whole (in a foil)180 °С350 °Fabout 60 min
Carrots, cubed or cut into sticks220 °С425 °F20-30 min
Butternut squash, cubed200 °С400 °F20-25 min
Butternut squash, halved200 °С400 °F40-60 min
Acorn squash, halved230 °С450 °F50-60 min
Spaghetti squash, halved200 °С400 °F30-40 min
Summer squash200-220 °С400-425 °F15 min
Zucchini, cubed200-220 °С400-425 °F15 min
Breadfruit, halved (ulu)200 °С400 °F60-80 min
Eggplant, cubed190-200 °С375-400 °F20-30 min
Eggplant, whole or halved180 °С350 °F45-60 min
Bell pepper, cubed200 °С400 °F15 min
Tomatillos220 °С425 °F20 min
Tomatoes, cherry or grape200 °С400 °F15-20 min
Tomatoes, whole200 °С400 °F40-50 min
Corn on the cob220 °С425 °Fabout 30 min
Corn kernels200 °С400 °F15 min
Mushrooms220 °С425 °F20-25 min
Artichokes, baby220 °С425 °F20-30 min
Garlic, whole head200 °С400 °F40 min
Garlic, thin slices200 °С400 °F10-15 min
Onions, rings220 °С425 °F15-20 min
Onions, halved220 °С425 °F30-45 min
Vegetable kabobs
(veggie skewers)
200 °С400 °F15-20 min

While browsing for information on this subject I also noticed that the temperature and time for roasting is different for the same vegetable in recipes for different cuisines. If you have some doubts, whether you chose the time or temperature of cooking wright, whether you couldn’t find the type of vegetable that you were looking for in this chart stick to the following rule. Roasting any vegetable at 350 °F/180 °С for at least 30 minutes will be enough for almost every cut into medium cubes or slices vegetable to cook through.

Hope that you found this information helpful. Please, share it with your friends! As always, if you have any questions I will be glad to help you. Just leave them in the comment section below.

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