Learn how to make the easiest chocolate substitute for baking. There are only two ingredients mic thoroughly and you have nothing to worry about!

Baking is not such an easy skill to master. However, if you do learn to use the oven for making delicious cookies, cakes, savoury and sweet pies, you will have a lot more options that you can make for dinner. For me, baking is a perfect way to store desserts with delicious homemade ones. I can control the amount of sugar that I add, the list of ingredients that I use. Therefore, making my chocolate substitute for chocolate bars in dessert recipes has become a real-life safer for me.

I don’t have to spend any time picking out the right bar of chocolate in the store, I simply buy a package of Cacao powder. Not cocoa powder, as it can have some added sugar in the ingredients. Always be sure to check out the ingredients on the back of the package. I also try avoiding dairy whenever it is possible.

The second ingredient for the chocolate substitute that I am going to share with you is fat. You can use it in the form of butter, olive oil, sunflower oil. Choose the one that suits your requirements.

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Replacing chocolate in baked goods is a very simple thing to accomplish. It is much cheaper and more affordable than buying high-quality chocolate. I promise that you won’t be disappointed with the result. However, if you are baking an intensely chocolaty dessert, using only cacao instead of chocolate can change the texture of the final product. Try leaving some chocolate in the recipe.

 For every 1 tablespoon of oil use 3 tablespoons of cacao powder.

To get a substitute for 100 g of chocolate in the recipe you need to combine 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 9 tablespoons of cacao powder.

Chocolate Substitute Recipe

Chocolate substitute recipe with only two ingredients to mix!
Prep Time1 min
Cook Time1 min
Total Time2 mins
Course: Ingredient
Cuisine: International
Keyword: baker chocolate substitute, baking trick, chocolate substitute for baking, how to substitute cocoa powder for baking chocolate, how to use cocoa powder instead of chocolate
Servings: 1 serving
Calories: 158kcal


  • 1 tbsp. sunflower oil
  • 3 tbsps. cacao powder


  • Put all the ingredients into a bowl. Mix until the mixture becomes smooth and creamyso that it has no lumps. You can usse it at once.

I hope that you like the recipe for this simple chocolate substitute. With some baking experience that I had, I have learned that this recipe always gave me a good result in the end. Share the post with your friends, I would highly appreciate your support!

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