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Do you know why I like salads? You can get creative with them. You find some classic recipe; add your favorite ingredients and voilà! You have a perfect meal. I started my journey for this one with imitation crabmeat recipes, found several recipes of salads that I liked but wanted to make them more nourishing, so decided to add cooked rice. I chose to boil rice but I think you can use steamed rice as well here. The key will be not to overcook it, as it can make salad really soggy with all the dressing.

Another thing that was no brainer for me to change was the amount of mayo and sour cream or yogurt in the recipe. It was too much for me so I downsized the amount of it in half. Instead of dill pickles I used fresh cucumbers that added extra crunchiness to the crab salad you did not even know that you needed.

I am not sure that this salad can go with any meal as it is somewhere on the greasy side with all that mayo. Nevertheless, it is perfect to prepare in advance. You can leave it in the fridge already mixed with dressing for up to 2 days. You can be sure that it will become an instant favorite at your home. Read on to see how to make this easy crab salad for your next lunch!

Ingredients for Crab Stick Salad:

Ingredients for Easy Crabstick Salad

  • 240 g imitation crabmeat sticks;
  • 1 can sweet corn (around 200g);
  • 3-4 eggs, boiled;
  • 100 g white rice;
  • 2 fresh cucumbers (optional);
  • 50 g scallion;
  • 2-3 tbsps. mayonnaise (or Greek yogurt);
  • salt, pepper to taste.

How to make a perfect crab salad using imitation crabmeat sticks:

  • The first step will be to get rice cooked. Wash rice under cold running water, put in a pot with water and let it boil for about 15 minutes (depends on the type of rice you chose). Do not overcook rice for the salad. As this salad is the cold one, let the rice cool down before combining with other ingredients. Or you can simply rinse it under cold running water. If you chose this step drain rice thoroughly before combining with other ingredients.

Step_1 How to make crab salad at home

  • Boil eggs until hard for the salad. It will take you 10 minutes or more. Before shelling place hard-boiled eggs in an ice bath or simply cold water for several minutes. Chop hard-boiled eggs on a cutting board. Place chopped eggs in a mixing bowl.

Step_2 How to make crab salad at home

  • Cut crabsticks (if you had them in the freeze, you need to thaw them before making salad). I tend to cut the ingredients the same bite size. Well, at least I try to. Add them to chopped eggs.

Step_3 How to make crab salad at home

  • Chop cleaned cucumbers (you can peel cucumbers skin if it is too stiff). Add them to other ingredients in a bowl.

Step_4 How to make crab salad at home

  • Drain canned sweet corn. Then add it to the mixing bowl with all the ingredients: cooked rice, chopped cucumbers, eggs and crabmeat sticks.

Step_5 How to make crab salad at home

  • Sprinkle over the ingredients chopped green onion.

Step_6 How to make crab salad at home

  • Add mayo, season with salt and pepper to taste, and mix thoroughly all the ingredients in a bowl.

Step_7 How to make crab salad at home

  • Let the salad sit in a fridge for 30 minutes before serving.

Rice Crab Stick Salad with Cucumber

Enjoy your meal!

I hope that you will find this recipe as delicious as my family did! Looking at the picture and at those mouthwatering colors simply makes me crave it more. Crab salad recipe is the simplest and does not require any special sills. Two precooked products and a ton of chopping. If you have any questions, leave them below. If you liked my interpretation on classic crabstick salad, please, share it with your friends!

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