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Turkish delight or rahat lakoum is a traditional type of Middle Eastern sweet. If you decided to make Turkish delight at home then you are in for a treat! Grapefruit juice will bring natural pink to the color and pleasant citrus notes to the taste of this candy and peanuts will make it crunchy at the same time. 

List of ingredients for traditional Turkish delight:


  • Main mixture: 2 grapefruits; 140 grams cornstarch; 400 ml water, 100 grams peanuts.
  • Ingredients for sugar syrup: 150 ml water, 500 grams sugar, citric acid – 0.5 tsp.
  • You will also need 100 grams of cornstarch to toss cooked candy in it.

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How to make Turkish delight at home, a step-by-step recipe:

  • Grapefruits should be of medium size and pink-colored. With grapefruit juice, you will get that soft caramel-pink color. Saturated tones only come out when you add artificial or natural coloring. (If you are open for it, then use only 1-2 drops while you are mixing water with grapefruit juice and cornstarch)
  • Firstly, you should roast peanuts in a non-stick pan with no oil. Heat pan for a minute on a low heat, then add peanuts and stir them for 10 minutes. Let them to cool down before using in a recipe. Note: use only cornstarch, do not use instead of it potato starch as your Turkish delight won`t taste good.


  • In any convenient way get juice out of grapefruits: electric juicer will be the easiest one.
  • Combine grapefruit juice with cornstarch. Stir the mass until the starch dissolves in the juice.


  • Add room-temperature water (400 ml) into the mixture of juice and cornstarch. Set aside it for now.


  • Combine 500 grams of sugar with citric acid in a separate saucepan.


  • Add 150 ml of water into the saucepan and place it over medium heat.


  • Stir the syrup until the sugar dissolves. It will take you approximately 7-9 minutes for mixture to become thick.


  • Once you made the sugar syrup, you should mix it with the cornstarch mixture and put it on the medium heat to boil. Whisk it until you fully incorporate all the ingredients.


  • When it boils, reduce the heat to low, stir the mixture for 5-7 minutes, and then remove your pan from the heat.


  • Add peanuts into the hot mixture and spread them evenly. Note: do not add peanuts into the saucepan that is still boiling, you do not want your peanuts to cook.


  • Pour syrup of Turkish delight into prepared dish and leave it to set at room temperature. It will take 20-25 hours for candy to get into the form of jelly.


  • Get your Turkish delight out of the pan onto non-stick surface: it can be either parchment paper or any surface powdered with cornstarch. Cut it into small square pieces with oiled long knife. To prevent stickiness of Turkish delight you should dust each side with cornstarch. Note: you may add powdered sugar to the mixture of cornstarch to make it sweeter.


  • Enjoy and do not forget that you store your homemade Turkish delight in a dry space (in an open cardboard box or container in 1 layer; if you have several layers then use parchment paper to separate them). Do not store Turkish delight in the fridge!


We hope this easy recipe of Turkish delight was helpful and you tasted these delicious eastern sweets. Now you will know how to make this traditional Turkish delight at home to surprise your guests. It will be an excellent dessert for any party! Leave comments in the section below if your Turkish delight turned out to be great.

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