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There are many ways to cook hotdogs and all of them are worthy. Choose the method that will work well for you and use it. No matter how you call it: a hotdog or a frankfurter sausage, its great taste remains the same. We will teach you how you can cook hotdogs in a pot on the stove, how you can microwave these cooked sausages and how to use a multi-cooker and a steamer to make a perfect hotdog.

How long do you cook hotdogs?

Cooking time for hotdogs depends on the way you decided to prepare. Let’s see how long it will take you to cook frankfurter sausages depending on the way you chose to prepare them:

  • How long does it take to cook hotdogs in boiling water? It will take you 2-5 minutes to cook hotdogs in boiling water on the stove.
  • How long to cook sausages in microwave? You need to microwave hotdogs for 3 minutes.
  • How long do you cook frankfurter in a cooker? Frankfurter sausage cooks for 5-7 minutes in a multi-cooker or a rice cooker.
  • How long to cook hotdogs in a steamer? You need to steam hotdogs for 10 to 15 minutes.

There is a good chance to overcook sausages, so always keep track of the boiling time. Do not boil hotdogs longer than it is necessary!

How to cook hotdogs on the stove?


Boiling hotdogs will be the easiest way to cook them, believe us! All you need to do is to place hotdogs into boiling water for several minutes, but despite such a quick answers, still you need to know all the steps of preparing boiled frankfurter sausages in details:

  • Hotdogs can be made with cellulose casings or natural casings. If you have sausages with cellulose ones, remove them before cooking.
  • Choose a saucepan or a pot according to the amount of wieners you have, as at least 4 sausages require 1 liter of water to be boiled in. Fill this pot with water, place it on the high heat and let it boil.
  • When water boils, add hotdogs and wait for water to reboil. Lower the heat down and let sausages simmer for 2-5 minutes (on average 3 minutes).
  • Take cooked sausages out of the water at once! If you leave them in hot water for some more time, it can result on their taste and not in a good way. Be careful not to burn yourself, use tongs or a fork to take them out of the water. Leave boiled sausages to cool down a bit or immediately use them.

How to boil frozen hotdogs? If you have hotdogs straight out of the freezer, put them into a pot with cold water, then place it on the stove, and turn the heat on. When water boils, lower the heat and let sausages simmer for 7-10 minutes (you have to cook them longer than average hotdogs).

Do you need to thaw hotdogs before boiling? It is possible to boil frozen hotdogs if you have no time for defrosting. How you can boil frozen hotdogs, you can read in the recipe from above.

Do you need to add salt when cooking hotdogs? No, you do not need to add salt when cooking hotdogs, as they already have it as their ingredient.

How to make hotdogs in a cooker?

You need to follow several guidelines to make perfect hotdogs in a cooker:

  • Take off the cellulose casings from hotdogs (if hotdogs have one).
  • Place hotdogs on the bottom of a multi-cooker and pour 300-400 ml of water in.
  • Cook hotdogs in a multi-cooker for 5-7 minutes on the setting Cook.
  • When cooking time ends take sausages from the cooker, do not leave them in hot water, as they will continue cooking. Now you can serve them!

How to cook hotdogs in microwave?


Let us have a look at how you can prepare hotdogs using microwave.  As hotdogs are a type of cooked sausages (you can eat even from the packages), microwaving them will be a perfect quick way to prepare for further using in other recipes:

  • Remove cellulose casings, pierce hotdogs in several place with a fork and place them in a deep bowl safe for the microwave.
  • Pour hot boiled water in a bowl with sausages. Water should fully cover sausages in a bowl.
  • Place the bowl in a microwave, set the highest power and cook for 3-5 minutes.
  • After hotdogs are done, take them out of the hot water and now you can eat!

How to cook hotdogs in 1 minute? Take a flat plate (but the one you can use in a microwave), place there hotdogs and pour a little of cold water on the bottom of the plate. Cook hotdogs in the microwave for 1 (1.5) minutes on the high power.

How to cook hotdogs in a steamer?

Steaming is not so commonly used method of cooking hotdogs. However, we would say – Wrongfully! Here is an easy guide on how you can cook frankfurter sausages in a steamer:

  • As always, do not forget to take off the cellulose casing, if there is one.
  • Fill in a water reservoir with 1 liter of water and place hotdogs in the steaming basket.
  • Turn the steamer on and cook sausages for 10-15 minutes.

Do you need to cook hotdogs before eating? It is not necessary to cook sausages before you eat them, but more desired (all the bacteria that could appear because of storing, dies after heat treatment) and hotdogs are definitely tastier when cooked.

Do you cook sausages before making sausage rolls? If you decide to use hotdogs for making sausage rolls then you do not have to precook them.

We tried to give you all the necessary information to make your cooking experience of hotdogs pleasant and easy. You see that there are no complicated thing in making a perfect hotdog for any meal. If you liked our article, please share with your friends. All your comments and advices on how to cook frankfurter, leave in the section below.

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