Have you ever wondered if there is a difference in how you cook short and long pasta noodles? I can assure you that there is none. Boiling different types of pasta is like boiling different types of grains. The method stays the same but you can notice slight differences. And the main being boiling time for different types of pasta. In this post, I tried to gather all the tips and tricks that I could find to make the process of boiling short pasta easier.

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How long to cook pasta?

As a rule, boiling time for pasta is mentioned on the packaging (it also can have instructions for the pasta recipe, by the way). But, as it turns out almost every time, boiling time is wrong. On average, it can take you from 7 to 9 minutes to cook rotini pasta. The best plan in this situation will be to check whether pasta is ready or not by simply tasting it. Do not overcook pasta! Boil it in the water until the state of al dente. Slightly undercooked but not crunchy, nice but firm inside.

How to boil rotini pasta on the stove?

Ingredients: 200 g rotini pasta; 2 l water; 1 tsp. salt.

Ingredients for Boiling Pasta

Cuisine: Italian Type: Ingredient/Side dish Calories: 112 kcal (per 100 g) Yield: 2 servings Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 10 min Ready in 15 min

You need to follow several simple steps to get perfectly cooked rotini pasta, which you can use as a garnish or an ingredient for a salad:

  • Take a deep pot and pour water for cooking; it should be enough for pasta that you need. Take in consideration that you need 1 liter of water for every 100 grams of product.

Boil water on the high heat

You always need to boil pasta in a large volume of water.

  • Put the pot on the stove and let water boil on the high heat. Then add salt to water, use this ratio 1 tsp. of salt to 1 l of water.

Add salt

  • Pour rotini pasta to the boiling water and wait until water boils again together with pasta. Lower the heat to minimum, water should be simmering steadily. Stir rotini several times in the beginning of cooking to prevent pasta from sticking.

Add rotini to boiling water

Do not cover the pot with a lid when you cook pasta on the stove.

  • First, check the time on the packaging and set your timer. So, now I am going to describe what I do most often. If cooking time in pasta instructions is from 7-9 minutes, I set the timer for 6 minutes and then check the doneness of pasta by simply tasting it. I keep checking cooking pasta every minute until I get the taste that I want.

Boil until pasta is ready

  • When you have rotini ready, strain it using a colander. Do not rinse your pasta after cooking! The hot water that stays on the strands helps sauce to cover pasta more evenly.

Drain water from pasta

  • Now, your pasta is ready to be used further. You can combine it with any sauce of your choice or have it plain. Simply add some butter or a drop of olive oil with freshly ground black pepper. Enjoy your meal!

Rotini Pasta Recipe

The principles of boiling almost every type of pasta are practically the same. The biggest difference is the boiling time. However, I hope I taught the perfect method to get the consistency of pasta right. But here is a recipe of How to cook spaghetti on the stove for you to check out.

How to boil perfect pasta

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and I will try to help you. Moreover, you can leave all your suggestions and recommendations for me to make next time.

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