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You know the feeling when you are craving something sweet but you are too lazy to make a proper cake or pie. However, you still want something homemade without those artificial flavors! I found a perfect dessert that you do not need to bake. It will take you about 15 minutes to make, 20 minutes to freeze and you will get the laziest cake bites you can get.

Using this exact recipe, you can make a variety of desserts. The first one can be a cake: pour the dough into a cake form for baking and leave in the fridge. Or you can have it the way I did. Roll scoops of dough into this strange shape (inspired by Russian dessert “Kartoshka” literal translation for “potato”) or simple balls. Cover them in your favorite type of crushed nuts, cocoa powder or coconut.

Either way just try it!

Ingredients for Biscuit Chocolate Cake Balls:

Ingredients for No-Bake Chocolate Cake Balls

  • 150 g crisp biscuits (neutral in taste);
  • 100 g condescended milk;
  • 60 g butter;
  • 3 tbsps. cocoa powder;
  • 1 tbsp. of sugar (to your taste).

How to Make Lazy Chocolate Bites:

  • First, you need to turn whole biscuits into crumbs. Use blender or just your hands (place biscuits in a zip-bag or on a plate and beat them with something heavy). Crumbs should be really small like I have on the picture.

Step_1 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • Take a small bowl; pour condensed milk and add butter. Put the bowl on the lowest heat to melt butter. Stir the mixture.

Step_2 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • While still stirring, add cocoa powder. Nicely mix it with condensed milk.

Step_3 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • This step you can skip if you decided not to add sugar. As it can become too sweet. I used only 1 tablespoon of sugar in this recipe.

Step_4 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • When you added your last ingredient, start watching the time. You should boil the mixture on the low heat for 5 minutes stirring constantly. Nicely blend everything, make sure that there are no flakes.

Step_5 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • Take the pot off the stove and let it cool down a bit until warm. Combine the mixture with biscuit crumbs in a bowl.

Step_6 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together. You should get a smooth thick dough. Put dough into a refrigerator for 20 – 30 minutes. It will be easier for you to form balls with a cool dough. Do not overhold it in a cold as it can become too stiff.

Step_7 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • While you have the dough in the fridge, let’s make the coating for cocoa bites. Using blender grind walnuts into small crumbs.

Step_8 How to make chocolate cake bites

  • Get the dough out of the fridge. Scoop necessary portions of dough and roll them into desired shape. Coat every bite with blended walnut. As you have all your bites covered in walnut, they are ready to be served.

Step_9 How to make chocolate cake bites

Enjoy this tasty dessert!

Russian dessert Kartoshka recipe

This dessert is perfect! It is simple and tasty at the same time. It won’t take a lot of effort or skills to make this non-baked cocoa truffles or chocolate bites. Call them whatever you want but the fact stays the same: you won’t regret making them. Please leave all your questions (if you have any) in the comment section below. And do not forget to share our recipe with your friends!

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