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There are such products that you need to try once in a lifetime for sure. Bulgur is one of those products. However, after you tried it you will try to incorporate this delicious and nutritious grain into your diet. If you decided to know the particulars of boiling bulgur wheat, we will give you information on how long you cook bulgur in boiling water on the stove and in a rice cooker. You will find a detailed guideline on how you can prepare it on the stove in boiling water.

If you want to learn how you can measure ulgur without scales, follow this link.

How long does it take to boil bulgur wheat?

Before looking into cooking techniques of how you can cook bulgur wheat on the stove, let’s see how long it will take you to boil it on the stove and to prepare it in a cooker:

  • How long do you cook bulgur wheat for in a pot? Boiling time depends on the type of bulgur you have. You need to simmer fine and medium bulgur for 12-15 minutes, coarse bulgur – 20 minutes.
  • How long do you cook bulgur wheat in a rice cooker/multi-cooker? It will take you about 20 minutes to make bulgur wheat ready in a cooker. When the cooking finishes and “warm” setting switches on, let bulgur sit for additional 8-10 minutes in a cooker.

If you want to learn how to boil bulgur in a pot on the stove, keep reading our article.

How do you cook bulgur wheat?

If you are looking for an easy and quick bulgur recipe, here is a step-by-step guide for you how to cook this delicious grain:

  • Measure out necessary amount of bulgur wheat (use 1 part of grain for 2 parts of water). For example, if you have one Metric cup (250 ml) of bulgur wheat, you should use 500 ml of water. One cup goes for 4 servings.
  • Use a drainer to clean bulgur, rinse it through under running water. Put a skillet with 2 tablespoons of olive oil or butter on the high heat. When all the water dripples down from the grain, move it to a hot skillet on the stove and toast it for 5-7 minutes
  • Do not skip this step, as your bulgur will be fluffier and more flavored, grains won’t stick together while boiling only because of this.
  • You can either put toasted bulgur into boiling water, or add boiling water into the pot with toasted bulgur. Either ways use only boiling water. When water reboils, add salt to your taste (approximately 0.5 teaspoon of salt for 500 lm of water will be enough).
  • Turn down the heat to minimum, as the water should be slightly simmering, and wait the grain to get tender. It can take you from 12 to 20 minutes. The lid of the pot should stay closed while grain is cooking.
  • When you can see that bulgur is ready, take it from the stove and let it stand extra 10 minutes. If you have any extra liquid left in a pan, do not forget to drain it. But if you keep true to a recipe, it is unlikely to happen.

That is the whole recipe! Boiled bulgur wheat as a garnish, some vegetables, roasted meat and your perfect dinner is ready. Another great idea will be using cooked bulgur wheat as an ingredient in many amazing salads recipes.

Here are some questions with answers that may come up while cooking bulgur:

Do you have to wash bulgur before cooking? Cleaning bulgur under running water is not a strict requirement. You can skip this step.

Do you need to presoak bulgur wheat before boiling? Do not leave bulgur in water for a long time; you only can rinse it through in running water before boiling it on the stove. There is a separate technique of cooking bulgur by soaking it in hot water for 20-45 minutes in proportion 1:2.

What is the proportion of ingredients for boiling bulgur wheat? Always check instructions on the packaging, but as a rule 1 part of bulgur grain to 2 parts of water.

What is the dry to cooked bulgur yield? If you use 1 cup of bulgur and 2 cups of water, then bulgur grain yields 3 cups cooked.

Do I need to cook bulgur for tabouli (tabbouleh)? Before using bulgur in this salad, you need to soak it in a hot water. Our advice will be to use fine or medium bulgur; it won’t take a lot of time to prepare it for a salad.

We tried to list all the peculiarities on how you can cook bulgur on the stove, if you now some other methods, write them in the comment section below. If you found our recipe helpful, please share with your friends!

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