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Have you ever wondered how to make those traditional potato pancakes something extra? You can always have an additional vegetable. And summer squash will be a perfect fit as it goes well practically with every other product. This potato and summer squash patties recipe combines a crisp crust and juicy inside. You will never regret trying them!  

Ingredients for Potato Summer Squash Pancakes:

Ingredients for Potato and Summer Squash Fritters

  • 500 g summer squash;
  • 400 g potatoes;
  • 1 egg;
  • 2 tbsps. flour;
  • oil;
  • salt, pepper.

How to make perfect potato fritters with summer squash/zucchini:

  • Clean summer squash (zucchini) under running water; damp it with a paper towel. If the vegetable is rip, you should peel it. Now shred summer squash using medium holes on a box grater.

Step_1 How to make potato pancakes with summer squash

  • Wash peeled potatoes and grate them the same way. Combine grated potato with summer squash and sprinkle them with salt. Leave them for several minutes until excess liquid will appear. Remove moisture by squeezing vegetables with your clean hand or paper towels.

Step_2 How to make potato pancakes with summer squash

  • Stir in 1 beaten egg.

Step_3 How to make potato pancakes with summer squash

  • Add flour with black pepper. Stir nicely everything together until all the ingredients will be combined.

Step_4 How to make potato pancakes with summer squash

  • Place a non-stick pan on the high heat; pour 2 tablespoons of oil. Wait until it heats, then lower the heat to medium. Use a tablespoon to place pancakes into the skillet. Slightly flatten each potato-squash fritter.

Step_5 How to make potato pancakes with summer squash

  • Cook each side until golden-brown. Approximately 3 minutes for each side. I had to add oil before every patch of fritters.

Step_6 How to make potato pancakes with summer squash

  • When fritter is ready, place it on the paper towel. I this way all the excessive oil will be drained. You can serve potato/summer squash fritter with sour cream or any sauce that you like (I tend to add some lemon wedges and minced garlic).

Potato Summer Squash Patties

Fritters is such a versatile recipe that you can mix and match ingredients all the time. While making this potato fritters with summer squash I already had in mind by which ingredient I will replace squash. Hope you liked this recipe and you will share it with your friends! Leave all your questions in the comment section below.

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