There are many recipes and methods for pickling onions. Each recipe is good in its own way. Some types of onions have a bitter taste. To remove bitterness from onions, you need to marinate onion in vinegar and sugar. Pickled onions have a pleasant sweet and sour taste with no bitter or sharp notes, with a much softer texture.

There is a popular cooking trick to scald onion with boiling water to get rid of bitterness. However, if you are like me and you do not like the smell of cooked onion then you definitely need to use pickling for the purpose. As you won’t be able to get rid of that smell at all.

The pickled onion is perfect to use in salads instead of raw onion; can be served as a side dish with burgers, stakes, kebabs, patties, baked or grilled fish, etc. I like to serve it as an individual snack with some chopped fresh herbs sprinkled above. You even can have them pickled for the winter.

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You can marinate different varieties of onion with sweet and pungent, mild, and strong flavors. I will share a quick and easy way to pickle onions. However, every one of us has different taste preferences. Therefore, you can change the ratio of listed items to your liking. The main principle should stay the same, you need to make a marinade, and then soak chopped/sliced onion in it for at least half an hour (30 – 40 min). As a result, you will have onion rings that are tasty, sweet and sour, crispy and juicy at the same time. Enjoy!

Quick-Pickled Onions Recipe

Learn how to make perfect quick-marinated onions in 30 minutes!
Prep Time5 mins
Resting TIme30 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Appetizer, Ingredient
Cuisine: International
Keyword: how to make pickled onions, how to marinade onion, how to pickle onion, pickled onions, pickled red onion
Servings: 4 servings
Calories: 29kcal


  • 2 onions medium-sized
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsps. sugar
  • 15-20 ml vinegar rice or apple cider
  • ½ cup water


  • Cut onion into the shape that you need. In salads, I like to use onion slices, for burgers and as a snack – rings, and chopped onion I use for sauces and dips.
  • Make the marinade for pickling. In a saucepan combine water with salt and sugar. Let the mixture boil and then pour vinegar. Take the saucepan from the stove.
  • Put sliced onion into the deep bowl, pour marinade over it and make sure that all the onion is covered and the mixture is distributed evenly.
  • Set onion aside for at least 30 to 40 minutes to marinate. Sometimes I leave it overnight in the fridge or if I have friends for dinner or barbecue, I pickled onion in the morning. The flavor is much more intense.
  • Before serving, drain the marinade.

I know that the recipe is traditional as it comes. However, sometimes you can argue with classics. I have not found any better way to pickles onions. I hope that you appreciate it as well. Do not forget to share the recipe with your friends.

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